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Corporate Travel Plans

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​Products and Services:

  • Our corporate benefit services at Stop-Loss Brokerage will offer to provide an initial plan overview and summary of recommendations; for plan sponsors who may currently be either in a fully-insured, or a self-funded platform. Recommendations to improve cost efficiencies and member satisfaction, may include a TPA transition; plan design modification; network disruption analysis; PBM analysis; wellness initiatives; audit procedures; and disease and specialty case management programs. 

  • Traditional Self-Funded plan design- "Spec./Agg"; "Spec. Only" and "Agg. only" or "Spaggregate" contract options is offered by our benefit consultants.

  • Quarterly and Semi-Annual Plan assessment and review

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Corporate Benefit Services

  • Medical Tourism/Corporate Travel Plans- designed for foreign national corporations domiciled in the U.S.; with a segment of expatriates serving in employ. Targeted venues to date include Korea (Seoul); Thailand (Bangkok); Latin America (Guatemala City); and Israel (Tel Aviv). These plans allow covered members to electively travel for required medical care to select international facilities at the designated venue. Plans are administered by Meritain Health and include national access to The Aetna network for domestic services. All select international facilities are accredited or in process; by the Joint Commission International (JCI). Services and targeted procedures performed at hospitals within the Medical Travel Network will typically cost 50%-90% less than similar services performed in the United States. 

  • Dialysis Care Management- A case management program for dialysis cost containment. The program is tied to medicare reimbursement rates for dialysis; and result in 40%-90% additional savings; after the base network discounts have been applied.

  • Oncology Case Management- An ever increasing plan cost to self-funded and traditional plan sponsors; this program monitors and controls high cost chemotherapy drugs and radiation treatments; throughout the oncology treatment process. In addition; a dedicated oncology RN serves as a patient advocate; and is available 24/7 for consultation or emergency calls. Cost analysis for the program has indicated a $6-$1 ROI in plan savings. 

  • Critical Audits Program- In addition to the standard hospital auditing procedures offered through the TPA or reinsurance carrier; this program delves deeper into the auditing process to obtain savings previously unidentified; or not reported.

Periodical surveys and reporting data from Deloitte and Marsh Mac; have indicated that over the course of a 5-10 year period, self-funded plan platforms outperform their fully-insured plan counterparts by an average of 15%-40%. These plan savings can be further enhanced by implementing any of the aforementioned programs available through Stop-Loss Brokerage to more effectively manage your health and benefits programs.

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